Has Azealia Banks Lost Her Record Deal After Twitter Fights?

Singer been feuding with Angel Haze and Perez Hilton this week

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It's been reported that Azealia Banks has  been dropped by her record label, following a series of Twitter spats this week.

The rapper has apparently parted ways with Interscope records, according to a post on gossipwelove.com, who claim to have received an email confirming the '212' rapper's split from the label.

The website has published a supposed statement from a record label source, which reads: "Interscope Records, the Universal MusicGroup label founded by Jimmy Iovine is reportedly not picking up the much-buzzed-about the 21-year-old rapper's option for future recordings."

"When approached today about Banks' debut album plans, the label insider simply stated, Azealia Banks will no longer be releasing her LP under Interscope."

"Broke with Expensive Taste, was scheduled to be released in February so perhaps this clarifies the lack of promotion and official releases for a debut album that was supposed to drop within weeks."

It also adds, however, that there has been no official statement from the rapper, her spokesperson or Interscope records. The star has been busy tweeting links to her music today and has made no reference to parting company with Interscope.

The rapper has had a week in the spotlight after two twitter feuds. Following a spat with Angel haze earlier in the week, the star embarked on another online war with gossip blogger Perez Hilton. She called the media man a "messy f*****" and "d**kbreath", after he criticised her beef with Haze, and her comments about not wanting to work with Rihanna.

Banks defended her comment with the follow up tweet "A f***** is not a homosexual male. A f***** is any male who acts like a female. There's a BIG difference." She added "If u listen to my music and are not offended by the word n****...We're not gonna go here with this f***** sh*t...We're just not. Lol."

She was soon forced to apologise for her language though, posting yesterday (January 5) "My most sincere apologies to anyone who was indirectly offended by my foul language. Not sorry for Perez tho. Lol"

"Really not as moved by this f word thing as u all want me to be. As a bisexual person I knew what I meant when I used that word."

"And I meant what I meant when I used that word. You human beings have bigger life problems then what I think about some played out gossip dude....."