Dancing On Ice 2013: Pamela Anderson Is Out!

The Hollywood babe becomes the first contestant to leave the show after a wardrobe malfunction during the skate-off

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She’s been one of the most anticipated and much hyped contestants to have appeared on Dancing on Ice in recent years. So it came as a shock when Pamela Anderson became the first celebrity to be booted off the show.

Things had started off so well for the former Baywatch star as she had earlier performed an impressive routine with partner Matt Evers. Wearing a revealing black sequined number, Pammy looked stunning as she glided along to Emelie Sande’s record ‘Read all about it.’

Head judge Robin Cousins had said that the performance was “good” and that she and Matt had a “beautiful partnership”. Jason meanwhile made the comment that it was “overall, not too bad” but told Pamela that she was “inconsistent”. He also offered some constructive criticism, asking her to stop over thinking and trying to be perfect and to just “enjoy it more.”

Karen Barber added that the actress has so much to give in this competition.

Overall, Pamela scored a respectable 18.5 points, which left her in the middle of the leader board. However, this was not enough to keep her from bottom two and she was left in the skate-off with Keith Chegwin who had scored the lowest of the night.

This year on Dancing on Ice, the contestants in the skate-off were required to do a ‘save me skate’, in which they had to do a totally new routine in a last ditch attempt to get the judges to keep them in the competition.

Whilst Keith put his best foot forward and completed a commendable routine, Pamela got herself into a spot of bother as she had a few stumbles and suffered an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction- almost revealing her prized assets!

Although she looked enchanting in a pretty white dress dancing to Sinead O’Connor’s ‘Sacrifice’, this was not enough to deter the judges.

She may be popular, but when it comes to the skate-off, there is no room for mistakes and Pammy was eliminated in a clean sweep.

The Hollywood star said she was “sad” to leave the show but said that she had fun and had learned to skate. Partner Matt looked upset to leave so early and even host Phillip Schofield could barely hide his disappointment at Pamela’s early exit.

So, as Keith was handed a life-line, 6 more celebrities are gearing up for next week’s show to compete for your votes. Tune in next week to find out who stays and who goes.

What do you think; did Pamela deserve to leave so soon?

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