'F*** Outta Here': Rihanna Lashes Out At Fan's Comment Over Skull Like' Marijuana Photo

Which she tweeted recently

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Rihanna has hit out at a comment left on Twitter by a fan after she posted a picture of marijuana which looked like the shape of a skull.

According to The Sun, Riri saw red when a fan allegedly commented that she could follow in the same footsteps as Whitney Houston, who tragically passed away last year.

Upset by the comment left by the fan, it is believed that Rihanna, who is said to be back in a relationship with her former boyfriend Chris Brown, wrote back:

"Yea cuz Whitney overdosed on a joint! F*** outta here u weak b****!”

Rihanna performs (WENN)

Meanwhile, it has been reported that Rihanna is keen to spend the whole of January with Chris, with a source telling HollywoodLife:

"Rihanna wants to spend everyday in January with him in 2013 because she thinks that will cement their relationship. She be on that whole sentimental stuff all the time."

The insider added:

"It’s the second day in the new year and they just want to be posted up together and Chris cool with that."

"He’s down for Rihanna right now. He’s on some chill s**t with her right now."

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