Helen Flanagan Poses Naked In Raunchiest Photoshoot Yet

The 'I'm A Celeb' star went completely naked for a risque black and white photoshoot...

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Helen Flanagan wasn't exactly shy when it came to flaunting her buxom figure on the set of I'm A Celebrity, so we weren't exactly surprised to hear that the Coronation Street star has posed naked in an ultra-raunchy photoshoot!

In a series of black and white photos, obtained by the Daily Mail, the I'm A Celeb star has cast aside her bikini in favour of something a little more au naturel - yup, we're talking stripped down to her bare bottomed glory.

But there's no denying the photos have been done tastefully, ensuring that plenty is still left to the feverish imaginations of her most fervent fans.

In one shot, Helen is seen completely nude as she lays on her front and exposes her derriere to the world. Another sees her wearing nothing but a black thong, clutching an empty glass as mascara runs down her cheeks.

And the third shot sees a naked Helen standing in front of a mirror - but, in a very 'Calendar Girls' moment, she has used a vase of flowers to keep her modesty in tact.

According to Now magazine, we could be seeing a LOT more of Helen's naked body - literally - as she's rumoured to be posing for Playboy magazine in the not so distant future.

"She says it can be done tastefully as she doesn't want to shame her family."

We guess these most recent nude photographs have been released as a tester...?

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