Gangster Squad Star Ryan Gosling Admits He Can't Help Getting 'Goofy' Around Co-Star Emma Stone

Should Eva Mendes be jealous?

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Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone's on screen chemistry was red hot in 2011's romcom 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' and it seems the pair get on just as well in new movie 'Gangster Squad' with the hunk admitting it was hard to act serious with the gorgeous actress because they “get goofy around each other”.

While both stars have found love on the movie set, Ryan with 'Place Beyond The Pines' co-star Eva Mendes and Emma getting together with 'Spider Man' love interest Andrew Garfield, the 'Drive' star claims acting with the blonde was hard because they can't be serious.

The Canadian hottie told MTV: "Emma Stone, who I've worked with before, we get a little goofy around each other,"

"So it was hard for us to be dramatic."

First time around: Emma and Ryan at the premiere of 'Crazy,Stupid,Love' in 2011 (WENN)

The gangster movie sees Ryan and Emma once again team up as on screen lovers, though this time the action is a little more dramatic.

The 32 year-old explained: "They're putting themselves into such a dangerous situation. There's something between them that's worth that."

While Ryan found it hard to get down to serious acting, Emma claimed teaming up again made her the “luckiest girl in the world”.

She said: "I'm the luckiest girl in the world because Wooters is being played by Ryan.

"He's so fantastic at that kind of banter. It's so nice to see two people come alive together."

'Gangster Squad' premiered in Los Angeles last night, but will it be the last time we see Ryan and Emma hooking up on screen? We hope not we LOVE this pairing!

Emma Stone at 'Gangster Squad' world premiere, Los Angeles (Splash News)

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