McFly's Tom Fletcher: 'I Didn't Steal Harry Judd's Thunder With Wedding Video'

Tom posted cute speech video a day before bandmate's own wedding photos were published

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The EntertainmentWise office spent most of yesterday blubbing our way through McFly's Tom Fletcher's wedding speech video, which he posted online over the weekend. Whilst we loved his all-singing take on his groom's speech, some commentators reckoned Tom was stealing the thunder of bandmate Harry Judd who's official wedding photos were released just a day later.

Today, Tom has been tweeting about the furor, insisting he had no intention of overshadowing Harry and his wedding photos which were published in Hello magazine.

Tom claimed that he would definitely not have put... up" his musical tribute to wife Giovanna Falcone if he had known details of his bandmate's wedding to Izzy Johnston would be published on Monday (January 7).

"I read that article about me posting it to try and "steal Harry's thunder". I had no idea his wedding article was coming out this week!" he wrote on Twitter.

"If I'd have known I would definitely not have put it up. I only got our wedding video the week before Harry's wedding so I couldn't post it...before. The Judd's wedding was before Christmas so thought it was safe to do it now. Ooops! Sorry. No harm intended!"

He concluded with a plug for Harrys pics: "Sooooo, check out Harry's wedding pics in Hello this week. 'twas a gorgeous wedding for two gorgeous people."

Tom also expressed surprise that his super cute speech has clocked up a mammoth 700,000 (and counting) hits on YouTube.

"Er, can't believe how many views my wedding speech has had," he said. "I only really put it up to share it with family…ha!"


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