Doctor Who For The London Stage?

A theatrical production of 'Doctor Who' star Tom Baker's one and only novel is heading to the London stage...

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There are rumours of a Doctor Who film doing the rounds on the web - and now it seems as if one former star of the cult BBC1 series is set to make his mark  upon the London theatre circuit as well...

Tom Baker is famed across the UK as the fourth (and often the most loved) incarnation of Doctor Who - not to mention the voice of Little Britain - but it turns out that he’s also responsible for a critically acclaimed cult black comic novel, 'The Boy Who Kicked Pigs'.

And now the Time Lord's one and only novel is poised to leap off the page and splash its way bloodily onto the London stage.

Tom Baker's 'The Boy Who Kicked Pigs' is a macabre children’s book about an evil thirteen year old named Robert Caligari; a boy who wants to take over the world, cause deadly mayhem and, for reasons of his own, kick pigs. And now the Doctor Who star's work is about to come to life for the first time ever in Jackson’s Lane theatre.

Tom Baker revealed the exciting news to his fans in his most recent newsletter, saying that he had wondered how theatre company Kill The Beast would be able to do the tale justice:

“I wondered how a small theatre company could stage my story - which has a cast of hundreds, and includes a motorway pile-up with coachloads of people. I also wondered how they would manage to make my tale of evil horror funny, as I intended it to be.”

But, judging from the rave reviews the play has received so far, it seems as if the Time Lord won't need to hop in his Tardis and head back in time to stop the play from going ahead anytime soon!

We're quite looking forward to seeing the iconic Doctor Who actor's work unfold on the stage in March 2013...

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