Could Brad Pitt Be Set To Kill Jesus In New Movie Role?

Star linked with Pontius Pilate role

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Brad Pitt could be set to take on a role as one of the most controversial figures in biblical history as he's reportedly circling the title role in Warner Bros' 'Pontius Pilate'.

According to, the rumoured Mr Angelina Jolie is set to star as the roman soldier who brought about Jesus' demise.

Warner bought a script by Woman On Top writer Vera Blasi, and although Pitt is not committed to the role, according to the site that is set to change very quickly.

If Pitt does join the film he'll be joining the current Hollywood fashion for Biblical epics, with Russell Crowe and Emma Watson set to star in Darren Aronofsky's 'Noah' and Aronofsky reportedly  teaming up with Steven Spielberg and Will Smith to make a 'Cain and Abel' movie, although like 'Pilate' that is not yet in production.

Of the movie, Deadline's Mike Fleming Jr says: "Rather than a straight-ahead biblical film, Blasi's script reads almost like a biblical-era Twilight Zone episode in which a proud, capable Roman soldier gets in way over his head.

"[Pilate's] arrogance and inability to grasp the devoutness of the citizenry and its hatred for the Roman occupiers and their pagan gods leads him to make catastrophic decisions."

It will also reportedly feature controversial Roman historical figures like Caligula and Tiberius, as well as the well known figures in the story of Jesus.

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