Oscar Nominee Bradley Cooper: 'Ben Affleck Got Robbed' By Academy Snub

Star thinks 'Argo' star should have got a nod

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You'd have thought Bradley Cooper would be delighted that he'd been nominated for a Best Actor Oscar, but the star apparently had other things on his mind whe he spoke about the nominations this morning - those the Academy had snubbed, and in particular Ben Affleck.

Affleck began the day as a man with the chance to become the first man to win a Best Actor and Director Oscar in the same year for 'Argo', but by 5:30 am Pacific Standard Time that dream was in tatters, as he'd been nominated in neither category.

'Argo' is among the favourites for Best Picture, gaining seven nominations in total, but there were none individually for Affleck, prompting 'Silver Linings Playbook' star Cooper to lodge a bit of a protest.

The 'Hangover' actor told America's Today Programme in a phone interview: "I do have to say real quick, Ben Affleck got robbed."

Other big surprises were Kathryn Bigelow, Tom Hooper and Quentin Tarantino all being passed over for Best Director.

For those who worked on 'Silver Linings' and were nominated, like director David O. Russell he was happy though, saying: "Seeing David get that [Oscar] nom, because there are so many awards that have led up to it, and he hasn't really been recognised. I kind of lost it because his heart is in that movie -- so that was wonderful."

His co-stars Jacqui Weaver, Jennifer Lawrence and Robert DeNiro are also up for awards.

As for being a Best Actor nominee, Cooper can't quite believe it as he said: "The funny thing was, I talked myself into [the idea that] I wasn't going to get up, but then cut to 4:30 in the morning," adding:  "It's nuts. The fact that I'm going to be in a room and look at Daniel Day Lewis - I'm overwhelmed. I just hope I'm not escorted out for some sort of odd stalking."

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