David Beckham's Shoots Sexiest Ad Ever With Director Guy Ritchie?

He's got his top off and fans are thrilled!

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Eveyone loves a shot of David Beckham with his top off. And luckily, there are lots more to come, as he's just been shooting his most recent H&M campaign with director Guy Ritchie.

David has been running about Beverly Hills wearing a very tight pair of khaki pants for H&M bodywear, and was also seen showing off his tats in a snug navy vest, we can't wait to see the results!

The star recently revealed that he's not totally comfortable with his sexy image. According to the Mail Online, he told radio host Ryan Seacrest that he "didn't know where to look" when one of his H&M adverts was broadcast when he was watching the Superbowl with his family.

He added "the kids loved it, but they were also embarassed as well because there was other people in the room. Shooting it, there wasn't too many people in the room so it was pretty easy."

David says that he's happy to be modelling a product he believes in. "I love underwear, I love wearing it so it was something I just wanted to kind of create myself" he explained.

We don't think anyone can dispute the fact that he looks good. But what do you think of his pants? Let us know!

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