Lindsay Lohan 'Paid Just $100 A Day To Star In Four-Way Sex Scenes For Raunchy New Movie'

The actress wasn't on the highest of wages for the racy new movie

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It was recently revealed that Lindsay Lohan was filming a four-way sex scene with three porn stars in her latest movie and as if that's not enough, it's now been reported that the actress was paid just $100 a day to film the raunchy movie.

New York Times writer Stephen Rodrick reveals that the contract stipulated that Lohan would get just '$100 a day and an equal share of the profits, but no vote in decision-making', with the sex scenes described as 'non-negotiable'.

The writer had complete access to director Paul Schrader both before and during filming and has also described how the troubled 'Mean Girls' actress had a huge meltdown ahead of her racy scenes, forcing the director to strip down himself to 'put her at ease.'

And it seems to have done the trick, as Rodrick says the racy scene only took 14-minutes to film.

"Lohan dropped her robe. Schrader shouted action, and they filmed the scene in one 14-minute take. About halfway through, Lohan looked directly into the camera and flashed a dirty, demented smile at Schrader," Rodrick recalls.

The account also reveals that before a nude scene, Lindsay panicked and locked herself in a closet. She also allegedly went out partying with Lady Gaga until 5.30Am, when she had a 6AM call time.

"By 9 a.m., Lohan was lying down in a Café Med booth with her hands over her eyes shading them from imaginary sunlight."

"A doctor arrived and took Lohan’s blood pressure... His diagnosis: An inner-ear infection. She was done for the day."

The latest sex-scene reports come as L.Lo faces further jail speculation, after the actress stole a bracelet belonging to the estate of Elizabeth Taylor. The court case has now been postponed.

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