Kim Kardashian And Kanye West To Name Baby After Favourite Nightclub?

The couple apparently have their hearts set on a baby name...

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Kim Kardashian has been snapped partying a few times since announcing her pregnancy with rapper beau Kanye West and it now seems like the reality star has taken her love of clubs to a whole new level, with new reports suggesting that she even wants to name her baby after her favourite party place.

The 32 year old may only be three months pregnant, but the couple have already got their hearts set on a name for the little one, it's been revealed.

An insider told the Daily Star: “Kim has liked Liv since she was a teenager, as she was a big fan of Liv Tyler."

Adding, “She fell in love with it all over again when she started hanging out at the club on her visits to South Beach.”

The name reportedly has boyfriend Kanye West’s seal of approval. And it suits the couple’s desire to avoid the Kardashian family tradition of giving all the girls a name beginning with K.

The insider continued: “Kim’s instincts tell her she is going to have a daughter.”

Meanwhile, it's been revealed the celeb couple are going to air the baby's birth on TV, presenter Ryan Seacrest has revealed.

Appearing on the Tonight show with Jay Leno, Ryan who also fronts American Idol told the host: "You will see her pregnancy on Keeping Up With the Kardashians, but she'll be about four and a half months in to her pregnancy once we start shooting for next season."

Posing the question about whether or not there will be TV cameras in the delivery room, Jay jokingly asked Ryan: "Now, are you in there with the obstetrician?" To which Ryan, who revealed that he was "thrilled" for the soon-to-be parents, replied: "Am I going to be in the room, with the zoom lens, shooting all of this to put on the air on E!? I would not."

Jay even joked about whether the night that Kimye's baby was conceived, would be shown on TV. Responding Ryan told the host: "I think when you have Kanye on you should ask him that question."

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