If Looks Could Kill: 'Gangster Squad's Ryan Gosling Named 'America's Most Wanted Man'

He's not the Sexiest Man Alive, but he's the man everyone wants...in their beds

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Ryan Gosling fans were outraged when the 'Gangster Squad' hunk lost out again in the battle for People's Sexiest Man Alive last year to Channing Tatum and it looks like the mag tend to agree, as they've now crowned the hunk 'America's Most Wanted Man'.

Are they admitting he's the public's choice even if the mag's official winner was the 'Magic Mike' star. The 'Drive' stud has long been a favourite big screen heart-throb but according to the magazine he's just as dreamy in real life.

An insider said: "Women love him because he's just kooky. He's definitely in touch with his childlike side."

It's not just the public that love Gosling, even the winner of 2011's Sexiest Man award, Bradley Cooper, agrees.

Speaking shortly after about his win on the Graham Norton Show, Cooper said: "There was such a backlash to when they announced it and Ryan Gosling, who I love and I just did a movie with him — he’s the greatest — but we were both in Paris this last week and a friend of mine showed me … photographs from the paparazzi — and when I say friend, I mean me, alone in my room, looking at the computer."

Most Wanted: Ryan's even sexy when he walks his dog (WENN)

He went on:"And it’s like him walking around and he literally looks like he’s in a photoshoot, like he just came off the runway, like the pea coat is like this with the scarf. There are ones of me, and I literally look like the neighbour who never really comes out of his house, and when he does, you’re like, ‘Maybe you should just stay in.’ We don’t know what he does in there. So it’s been interesting.” 

Well sounds like People have finally listened!

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