'I'm So Ready For This': Seth MacFarlane Releases Tongue-in-Cheek Oscar Promos

Family Guy creator is ready to face critics who say he's not suitable to host Academy Awards

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There were a few raised eyebrows when he was announced as the host of this year's Oscars as people asked - "who is Seth MacFarlane?"

But the Family Guy creator is ready to take on his critics, and the Academy has backed their choice by releasing a series of tongue-in-cheek promos showing off their new host.

MacFarlane, 39, is seen strolling in front of the camera with huge gold Oscar statues in the background as he promotes this year's awards, and in a nod to his doubters, he makes a number of jokes about hosting the show this year.

In one he looks deadpan at the camera and says: "Hi, I'm Seth MacFarlane, ask your kids, and I'll be hosting the Academy Awards, ask your parents."

In another, he is seen clutching a glass of whisky as he tells the viewer he's not allowed to drink at the ceremony - and is then seen going off screen as he loudly slurps his liquor.

Seth has come under fire since he was revealed to be the host and after he joined forces with actress Emma Stone to announce the nominees.

After MacForrest Wickman from Slate said: "In the less than 10 minutes it took to announce the nominees, MacFarlane managed to insult his co-presenter, belittle the achievements of several nominees, and make a Hitler joke."

And Jesse David Fox blogged on Vulture: 'Diminishing an entire Hollywood profession doesn't work with the award show's earnestness, and it's also a pretty big boulder to throw at an event that exists to extol the genius of these very professions."

Watch Seth's Oscar promos here:

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