Taylor Swift Keeping Justin Timberlake's 'Suit & Tie' Away From iTunes Number One

JT's comeback single remains at number two on both the US and UK iTunes charts

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Justin Timberlake only premiered his latest single 'Suit & Tie' on Sunday, but it has already stormed its way up the iTunes charts debuting at number two.

However, it appears the 'Cry Me A River' singer has stiff competition from Taylor Swift, who is currently at the top with 'I Knew You Were Trouble', topping both the UK and US charts.

Fans are eager to hear Timberlake's new album, which he has revealed is going to be called The 20/20 Experience, after waiting six and a half years since his last album FutureSex/LoveSounds was released.

Justin's announcement of a new album has caused a flurry in ticket searches, with fans rushing to find 'Justin Timberlake Concert tickets' for a chance to see him perform, despite the singer not revealing any plans to tour as yet.

Justin's successful return to music, after having great success in the film industry with big roles in 'The Social Network and 'Friends With Benefits', has clearly surprised the singer who took to his Twitter to reveal his reaction to the response.

He wrote: "So humbled by all of this. This day has been TOO crazy. I just have to say it one more time to all of you guys and gals... THANK YOU!!"

However, there is no specific date for when this new album is going to be released just yet.

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