Hardly Breaking The Bank! Stevie Wonder Slapped With $40 Tax Lien

Ironically, the incurred penalties total to more than the original debt!

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Celebrities are slapped with tax liens every month setting them back millions of dollars and even possibly jail time, but Stevie Wonder's plight has to be the most amusing with the singer reportedly being asked to pay the state of California $40.

According to TMZ, the 'Isn't She Lovely' singer, who is believed to have a net worth in the region of $110 million according to various financial outlets, owes the state $40 but incurred a further $98 in additional penalties, more than the original lien itself.

The $40 tax debt will hardly leave a dent in Stevie's wallet (Judy Eddy/WENN.com)

Stevie, 62, has now been ordered to pay a total of $138 to resolve all matters concerning the debt.

The singer is yet to comment on the tax lien, although he probably won't have a problem paying with the singer being fairly generous with his money recently. In December, it was revealed that Stevie had teamed up with Charlie Sheen to donate $100,000 to a cancer charity.

Stevie was touched by a 10-year-old cancer sufferer, Jasmine, and was spurred on to donate the hefty sum after former Two and a Half Men actor Charlie gave her $75,000.

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