Tom Cruise Could Be Set To Be Dropped As 'Jack Reacher' After Bad Box-Office

Hoped for franchise may fail to materialise

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Tom Cruise could be set to be dropped as 'Jack Reacher' after the film failed to live up to box-office expectations.

It was hoped that the film would unleash a 'Mission Impossible' like franchise featuring Cruise for the movie's studio Paramount, but reports suggest that the film hasn't done well enough so far to make a sequel a certainty.

The movie has made $153m worldwide, not bad going, but way short of the $250m sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that it needs to set the wheels in motion for a sequel.

To reach that $250m the movie now has to do incredibly well in Japan and China (where it is yet to open), with its US run now nearing an end and it dropping in big international markets like the UK.

Tom Cruise as 'Jack Reacher' (Photo: WENN/Paramount)

The film opens in Japan on February 1, where Cruise flew last week for the premiere. In China things may prove tough though, as the film opens a week before 'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey'.

Possible reasons for the film's unspectacular performance include the movie being overshadowed by the big Christmas and awards season releases, with the likes of 'The Hobbit', 'Les Miserables' and 'Django Unchained' attracting more attention than Cruise's actioner.

The casting of Cruise may have even had an adverse effect, despite his star status. That's because some fans of Lee Child's 'Jack Reacher' books were outraged that the dimunitive Cruise was cast as Reacher, despite the character being described in the novels as a 6' 5" man mountain.

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Tom Cruise at the 'Jack Reacher' premiere (Photo: WENN)