Jennifer Aniston 'Furious As Fiance Justin Theroux Calls Ex'!

Jen's not happy after catching Justin on the phone to ex Heidi Bivens

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Jennifer Aniston 'Furious As Fiance Justin Theroux Calls Ex'!

Jennifer Aniston is said to be livid with her fiance Justin Theroux. The couple apparently had a huge row after she caught him calling his ex girlfriend Heidi Bivens a new report has claimed.

The Hollywood couple were spending a romantic break away in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico over the New Year until the actress reportedly spotted him sneaking off to make a call.

A source for Now told them, "He'd deliberately gone into another room to call Heidi, too.

"Jen hates that he feels the need to hide things from her."

The 43-year-old Friends star was allegedly not impressed, as soon-to-be hubby Justin had promised to cut ties with his ex, after she agreed to cool off her strong friendship with ex-husband Brad Pitt.

The couple looking a lot happier before this New Year bust-up (Wenn)

Justin was seen with A-Lister Jen just a month after the break-up with Heidi, his girlfriend of 14 years, who was said to be totally blind-sided by their split and the speed with which he moved on.

Jen was said to be hurt by his choice to speak to Heidi while on their romantic trip; "She knows they're still friendly, but this was supposed to be their special time."

"They were having a blast in Cabo until Jen saw him on the phone to Heidi."

Jennifer confronted Justin about it, but apparently he was defensive, arguing that Heidi's still a good friend and he should be allowed to wish her 'happy holidays'.

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