Beyonce Named 'Miss Millennium' in GQ's Sexiest Woman List

We may be pretty early on in the Millennium but GQ have made a hot list already

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Only twelve years into the millennium and GQ's already naming their sexiest women. 'The 100 Sexiest Women of the Millennium' have been named and the bootylicious Beyonce has been dubbed "Miss Millennium".

The men's magazine has offered an alternative to the usual ranking system, opting for a chronological, themed look at the loveliest ladies of the past decade.

With titles like "The Century in Jessicas" and the "Hottest Scene in a Movie, Can't-Believe-That-Actually-Happened Category", GQ takes a tongue in cheek approach to the typical hot list.

Beyonce on the cover of this month's GQ (GQ Magazine)

The Jessica's honoured are: Alba, Simpson, Biel, and Tandy. That surprising movie moment was the topless scene staring a young Katie Holmes in 'The Gift' in 2000.

Other beautiful ladies being appreciated for their work at the turn of the millennium include Britney Spears, "when she was snake-cradling-sexpot crazy at the VMAs, not bald-headed crazy." As well as Halle Berry and Shakira, who hips were driving men crazy back in 2002.

Shakira's definitely still got it, ten years on (Wenn)

GQ also asks some of the really tough questions like, "who is the millennium's uber geek girlfriend, Alison Brie or Zooey Deschanel?"

Looking to more recent years the list lauded the arrival of Christina Hendricks onto our screens: "Mad Men unveils Jessica Rabbit in human form. The hourglass is back!" Alongside blonde bombshells Jennifer Lawrence and Kate Upton.

Mad Men star Christina Hendricks (Wenn)

The list goes on, with appearances from the likes of Azealia Banks, "whose '212' video we watched 400 times a week", Katy Perry, Mila Kunis and even MIA, named 2009's "hot pregnant Sri Lankan chick".

See the full list here.

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