Nicole Kidman: 'I Have Two Children Who Are Scientologists And I Respect Their Beliefs'

Nicole opens up on children and ex husband Tom Cruise's beliefs

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Nicole Kidman has spoken out on her children's Scientology beliefs and the claims that the controversal church was a factor in the end of her marriage to Tom Cruise.

The actress has remained quiet on the church, for which her ex Cruise is their most famous patron, since the end of her marriage in 2001. In a new interview though she opens up, slightly, about the church which her children with Cruise are members of.

Kidman and Cruise's adopted children Isabella and Connor still belong to the church according to their mother, and despite not being a member herself the actress supports their beliefs:

“I’ve chosen not to speak publicly about Scientology,” she tells the Hollywood Reporter. “I have two children who are Scientologists – Connor and Isabella – and I utterly respect their beliefs.”

The actress was pressed further about claims Scientology was a contributing factor in the breakdown of her marriage.

When asked about an excerpt published in a recent issue of THR from Lawrence Wright’s Scientology expose, Going Clear, that states her divorce from Cruise is blamed on the religion, Kidman became coy. “I’ll bet it is,” she said to the reporter, apparently flipping through the pages of the issue whilst talking.

“My eye is going to a dress here – that’s how interested I am in this,” she added.

Following the end of marriage to Tom, Nicole has gone on to marry country star Keith Urban and has two children with her new husband.


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