Daddy Knows Best! Kanye West 'Doesn't Want Children To Pursue Rap Career'

The rapper is also said to have banned hip-hop from being played in his house

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He may be one of the most famous stars in the world, but surprisingly, Kanye West is keen for his children to pursue a career out of the spotlight, with hopes that they will choose more of an educated path.

The 'Clique' rapper is currently expecting his first child with girlfriend Kim Kardashian, and while the pair have enjoyed successful careers in the spotlight – Kim is a seasoned reality TV star – Kanye has higher hopes for their kids.

Will Kimye's child become a doctor or lawyer? (WENN)

“Kanye wants his son or daughter to be educated at a top US university such as Harvard or Yale before embarking on a career in business,” a source told the Daily Star.

“He doesn't want the child to become a pop star.”

The insider goes on to add that Kanye has even banned rap music being played in their household as he believes classical music will help their unborn child become intelligent.

The reports come just weeks after Kanye, 35, is said to have persuaded Kim to record a track together as a present for their child when they're older.

The rapper was also reported to be in the process of recording “child-friendly” raps for the baby, based on the classic tales of Dr. Seuss.

Meanwhile, Kimye are allegedly planning to tie the knot in a “commitment ceremony”, taking place at their friends Bel Air mansion, unable to officially wed as Kim is still legally married to ex Kris Humphries.

Listen to Kanye's track 'Clique' below...

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