Put It Away, Justin! Jennifer Aniston Tells Fiancé To Keep His Abs Covered

Actress fed up with the attention that Mr Theroux's toned torso is getting

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She's got one of the most enviable figures in Hollywood, slim, toned and taut, and a pretty face to match - but it would seem that Jennifer Aniston is being given a run for her money in the buff physique stakes - and she's not too happy about it.

Because according to new reports, the actress has asked her rather buff fiancé Justin Theroux to put his abs away! Boo!

According to Now magazine, the former Friends star keeps nagging her sexy actor beau to keep it covered, as he has a penchant for walking around topless - not that we're complaining!

A source told the mag: "She's bored of the attention he's getting for it. She doesn't want it going to his head, so she's told him to cover up."

Jen  also reportedly rowed with Justin during their New Year break to Mexico after he called his ex Heidi Bivens.

Theroux had been in a 14-year relationship with stylist Heidi before he reportedly left her for Jennifer.

The source added: "Jen was cross because he did it behind her back - but imagine if he'd pulled out his phone and called Heidi in front 
of her? All hell would've broken loose.

"He understands Jen has trust issues, but he's frustrated that she's projecting them on him."

What do you think, ladies? Should Justin keep that buff bod covered up?

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