Tom Daley Admits He'd Be Interested In Doing A Nude Photo Shoot

But the diver said that he 'probably wouldn't be allowed to do it'

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He's become somewhat of a sex symbol ever since he turned 18, and it seems Tom Daley is more than willing to please his female fans.

The British diver has revealed that he's far from shy and would love to do a fully naked photo shoot.

Asked by Digital Spy if he would consider it, Tom replied: "Ooh, I don't see why not! It would be quite a different and interesting thing to do, so I don't see why not.

"I probably wouldn't be allowed to do it, but who knows? You'll have to wait and see!"

The Olympic medal winner also admitted that he's more than comfortable being in a pair of trunks the majority of the time.

Tom Daley has admitted that he would do a fully naked photo shoot (WENN)

"I guess I'm used to it, I've been doing it for 11 years now, so I don't really think about it. I spend most of my time half-naked," he said of his uniform.

"It's a little bit weird, but I'm quite comfortable and can get changed anywhere."

Viewers have been lucky enough to see Tom in his swimming briefs for the past few weekends, after his reality show Splash began on ITV1.

Featuring an array of celebrity faces, who want to learn how to dive, the show has receieved mixed reviews, but Tom's not letting that get him down.

"There's always going to be divided opinion on new shows, and there's always going to be criticism, but I'm really happy about the fact that people are clearly enjoying it," he told the website.

"The viewing figures are high. It's exciting to have diving on primetime TV, and not just diving, there's been synchronised swimming on it too which is just great for the profile of British swimming."

Tom went on to add that if the show did happen to have a second series, the he would love to teach a certain pop star how to enter the pool in style.

"I've always wanted to teach Cheryl Cole how to dive. She's said she wants to learn how to dive, but obviously didn't want to be involved in Splash!... well actually I don't know if she was even asked.

"We spoke briefly on Twitter and she said she wants me to teach her how to dive so maybe that could happen. Who knows? That would be very cool."

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