Kim Kardashian Reveals Favourite One Direction Member As Kourtney Admits She 'Doesn't Know Any Of Their Names'

Guess who Kim's fave member is?

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It seems like it isn't just Kendall and Kylie Jenner who are fans of One Direction - Kim Kardashian has also revealed her fave 1D member and guess who she chose? Harry Styles, of course.

The curly haired cutie has already expressed his feelings for the curvy Keeping Up With The Kardashians star, holding up a sign at a radio station saying 'Call Me?', but until now Kim has kept pretty quiet, with her only just revealing that he is in fact her fave member of the band.

However, it looks like the love of Styles doesn't quite run in the family, as Kourtney revealed that she couldn't name ANY of the band!

When asked by MTV News about the British boyband, Kourt said: "I couldn't name one."

Whereas Kim stated Harry Styles, but then added: “Is there a Liam? I don’t know his last name.”


After the guys performed on the X Factor USA final last month, Irish member Niall even tweeted Kylie and Kendall after bumping into them backstage.

He said, “@KylieJenner yes lovely to meet you and @kendalljenner! Hopefully see you again soon!”

Check out the interview below:

Meanwhile, it looks like Harry is definitely out of luck when it comes to Kim, as she's all loved up with other half Kanye West and the pair are going to be hearing the pitter patter of tiny feet extremely soon.

Kim's trainer Tracy Anderson thinks that Kim is going to be an 'amazing mum.'

Crediting her strong family unit that she has around her, Tracy told E! News of Kim: "Kim has a great example in that way, and a very close- knit family, you know. And I think she's going to be an amazing mom."

Revealing that Kim has spent time with her daughter, Tracy added: "We email a lot, but when I did a session with her to design her program for her, she held my little Penelope, and I could just can just tell when someone's ready to be a mom. She just has that kind of energy, and I think she's going to be such an amazing, connected, heartfelt mom."

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