Batmobile Bought For $1 Sells For $4.6 Million At Auction

Famous car from 1960s TV series fetches extraordinary price

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The Batmobile famously used in the 1960s Batman television show has sold for $4.62m at an auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, after the original owner paid just $1 for the car.

The car, which is decked out with bulletproof Plexiglass bubble windscreens and the famous Bat Ray, which in reality are two 450-watt laser beams.

According to the LA Times, the customised 1955 Lincoln Futura concept car was bought by Rick Champagne, a logistics company exedutive from Phoenix.

The Batmobile, which has been sold for $4.6m (Photo: Nikki Nelson/WENN)

The car was sold by Barris Kustom Industries, the car modification company where it has been on display since 1968. Ray Barris, who bought the car for $1 and then spent $15,000 creating a vehicle fit for a superhero, he said in an interview before the auction:  "I saw the script and it said, 'Bang,' 'Pow,' 'Boom,' " adding: "That's exactly what I wanted the car to do. I wanted it to be as big a character as the actors."

The 1960s incarnation of the comic-book character remains something of a cult favourite, with Adam West portraying the hero later depicted by the likes of Michael Keaton and Christian Bale.

Asked by SPEEDTV on his motives for shelling out such an extraordinary sum on the car, Barris said he'd had his eye on it, “ever since I was a kid. I had a toy model of it”.

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