Kate Middleton 'Turns to Pippa For Style Advice As She Starts To Show'

The sisters have been coming up with outfits for Kate and her new bump

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Kate Middleton 'Turns to Pippa For Style Advice As She Starts To Show'
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Kate Middleton is known for her style and is fast becoming the most stylish royal since Diana. But it sounds like the Duchess of Cambridge is having trouble dressing for her new pregnant shape.

Kate has only made two public outings since announcing her pregnancy and is finding it difficult to find clothes in her wardrobe that flatter her new bump.

At a rumoured 13 weeks pregnant, the brunette beauty will be showing a bit of a bump but won't be ready for maternity clothes just yet.

But while Kate is known as being very slim and a lot of her clothes will now be too small for her ever growing tummy.

Looks like style runs in the Middleton family (Wenn)

She is apparently relying on her sister Pippa to help her come up with ways of wearing the clothes she has, without having to buy a whole new wardrobe.

A source for Now Magazine says: "Kate doesn't want to spend money on maternity clothes if she can help it, but it's unlikely she'll have enough items suitable as her bump continues to grow."

The sisters have been reported to have a fairly rocky relationship and this experience has "become a real bonding thing for her and Pippa."

We're surprised Whistles hasn't already brought out its very own maternity range!

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