Too Good To Eat! Kate Middleton's Face Is Created Onto A Pizza

Duchess's portrait sculpted out of cheese and tomato

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There wasn't a great reaction to the official portrait of the Duchess of Cambridge, which was unveiled last week, so a pizzeria in Glasgow has decided to take matters into its own hands.

The manager of the Bella Napoli restaurant in Shawlands, in the south side of the city, spent two hours sculpting and molding a cheese and tomato pizza to look like Kate.

Domenico Crolla, who runs the award-winning eaterie told STV he was inspired to make the pizza after feeling very un-impressed with her official picture, painted by Glasgow-born Paul Emsley.

Domenico said: "I wasn't a fan of the official portrait of Kate, I thought it was awful.

"I saw the picture and thought I could do a bit better in a pizza. I think mine is a little more flattering, and at least you can eat it afterwards."

He said he is now planning to create a Prince William-themed on to match Kate's and when their baby is born this summer, he is hoping to make one with the family on.

Being honoured on a pizza is not a first for the Royal couple though - just before their wedding in April 2011, pizza chain Papa John's created a portrait pizza which had Kate's veil made out of mushrooms and William's suit out of salami and peppers.

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