Robert Pattinson Dumped Kristen Stewart 'After Struggling To Forgive Cheating, Family Support Decision'

Couple allegedly broke up after frosty New Year trip to London

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Rumours that Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have split for good began last week and while it has been denied by sources close to the pair, a new report claims their romance just couldn't survive the actress' affair with director Rupert Sanders and after a difficult visit with Rob's family, the actor has decided to end the relationship.

The couple have been plagued by rumours of a break up ever since Kristen was photographed in the arms of the director, but could it be true this time? Grazia magazine seem to think so.

The British mag claims Rob's family couldn't forgive the 'On The Road' star for her betrayal and humiliation of the actor.

A source close to the couple allegedly told them: ''No one would ever have told him what to do. But some people felt he never gave himself time to deal with what happened and heal. They think he has made the right choice.''

''Rob thought it would be good for he and Kristen to visit his family in the UK over Christmas and New Year, but things were very frosty."

They went on: ''Rob's family, especially his sisters, have found it hard to forgive the hurt and humiliation Kristen has caused him.''

Kristen and Rob on the red carpet for 'Twilight' but are they still together? (Splash News)

The final straw was allegedly Kristen's decision to sign up to the sequel of 'Snow White and the Huntsman', the movie where she met Sanders. While he's no longer directing, the insider claims it seems like a slap in the face to Rob.

They explained: ''Kris thought it would be fine because Rupert is no longer working on the project, but Rob didn't feel the same way. That caused a major point of tension.

Heat magazine claim Rob has ended the romance, though the 'Twilight' beauty is said to be trying to get him back, they said: “In Rob’s eyes, it’s over. But Kristen just doesn’t want to let go.”

Rob arrived in Australia last week for a nine week shoot of new movie 'The Rover' and has been spotted going out in Adelaide and looked pretty excited!

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