Jennifer Lopez Reveals She's Seen Jason Statham's Sexy Side

J-Lo explained on 'Good Morning America' that she loved working with the action hero on new film 'Parker'...

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Jennifer Lopez left no stone unturned during her appearance on Good Morning America earlier today, talking candidly about her "daunting" career, bringing her babies to work with her and her triumphant return to action movies in new film 'Parker'.

But, to be honest, we were more intrigued to hear what she thought of her action staple co-star Jason Statham - and it seems as if he made a very good impression on JLo!

"He's up there. He's up there. He has such a presence... I think he's the best out there right now. There's nobody who can really mess with him."

And, while we're used to seeing Jason Statham in the role of hardened vigilante or total badass, it seems as if this film is going to show off his sexy side:

"His fan base is going to be so pleased with this movie because I feel like he's done amazing action movies, but this movie has something a little bit different - like that 'Out Of Sight' kind of sexiness."

"But, at the same time, this great drama and story going on."

Colour us intrigued - sounds like Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez's new movie 'Parker' is a total must-see.

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