Hottest Man In UK Tom Daley Defends TV Show Splash!: 'It's Amazing'

Despite critical success, abs-tastic Olympic hunk Tom is pleased with what the show has down for diving

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The recently voted hottest man of Great Britain, Tom Daley, has defended his new celebrity diving show Splash! Claiming it's “amazing” to see diving in the Saturday day night prime time TV slot.

Despite critics panning the show, where the Olympic bronze medallist coaches celebrities to diving success, the 18 year-old thinks it's been a success. He told OK! Magazine: ''It's light-hearted family entertainment on a Saturday night.

"It's amazing to have a minority sport like diving on prime time TV. If 'Splash! can encourage even a handful of people to take up diving, it will have been a success.''

Tom has turned into quite the heart-throb following the London Olympics where he showed off his impressive abs in a teeny tiny pair of trunks and recently beat the likes of David Beckham and One Direction to be voted the hottest man in the UK by Heat magazine.

We wonder what got him to the top spot? Tom shows off his abs (Splash News)

Referring to his hunk status, the Plymouth born star insists he's just a school boy. ''I don't see myself as a heartthrob at all. It's all quite surreal. There are always some interesting messages on Twitter,” he insisted.

''At school I'm just Tom. I go to lessons, hand in homework and have to sit exams like everyone else. There are quite a few elite athletes at my school, so there's not extra attention there, which is nice.''

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