Kourtney Kardashian 'Left Upset' After Scott Disick Is Nearly Injured Whilst 'Secretly Racing Cars'

Kourtney found out about the racing when the hospital called to say there'd been an accident!

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Kourtney Kardashian not only has two children to worry about, but it also seems like she now has other half Scott Disick to fret about also, as he's taken up a rather dangerous new hobby... car racing!

Scott's new pastime was revealed on Monday's second part of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami's season premiere, which also saw the reality star admit that his lifelong dream was to be a 'race car driver.'

“For me, anything that has to do with racing cars definitely gets my blood flowing,” said Scott, who in Miami, befriended Chapman, a professional race car driver willing to show him the ropes.

“I usually click with that many people, but my first impression of this guy is it’s kind of like looking in a mirror a little bit,” Scott said.

“His hair is slicked back, he’s in a beautiful suit, and all he cares about is motor-sports. “Should I leave Kourtney now or later for this guy?”

Kourtney isn't too happy about Scott's fave new hobby! (Photo: WENN)

However, it doesn't seem like Kourtney's too impressed with Scott's latest love.

“I’m glad that Scott has a new friend in Miami to hang out with, and maybe they can go paddle boarding or something safe, but there’s no way that I’m letting the father of my children go out on a race track and start taking up this new, super dangerous hobby,” Kourtney said.

“Driving a race car is just unbelievable,” he said. “I mean there’s nothing in the world that feels as good as this.”

And Kourtney found out the wrong way that Scott was racing the cars, when she received a call that he'd been taken to hospital after a crash on the race track.

Whilst Kourtney was annoyed that he didn't tell her about his races, she was still relieved that her BF hadn't been hurt.

“Although I’d love to not have Scott racing, it seems like he’s doing a good job,” Kourtney said.

“I really love that he’s passionate about something, so I really think that I should support him with racing."

“Also he looks very handsome in his racing suit.”

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