90s Boyband Nightmare? Five Things Worse Than 98 Degrees Going On Tour!

If you think that's bad, then wait to you see what else could happen!

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The exciting – or tragic if you're not a fan – news broke this week that New Kids On The Block would be going on tour with Boyz II Men and 98 Degrees later this year for a monster tour, more than a decade after they split.

While some may class them as a second-rate boyband, 98 Degrees were actually hugely successful during their run, working with the likes of Mariah Carey, Robin Thicke and Montell Jordan, and scoring several top 10 singles and albums.

98 Degrees are teaming up with NKOTB and Boyz II Men for a monster tour (Dan Jackman/WENN)

For those of you who couldn't possibly imagine anything worse than 98 Degrees reforming, think again because there are certainly a couple of things more tragic than a 90s boyband clinging onto the last glimmers of fame.

1. 98 Degrees could commit the ultimate fashion fail and wear THESE polar neck jumpers on their tour!

2. Bad Boy Inc – remember them? No? We don't blame you! - Well, 98 Degrees could take inspiration from the Inc's dance moves seen in THIS tragic video.

3. They could attempt to prove they're still down with the kids by collaborating with Justin Bieber... or One Direction!

Will Justin Bieber and 98 Degrees team up for the cheesiest collaboration ever? (Arnold Wells)

4. Kris Kross, A1, East 17 and all the other boybands that have long-been forgotten will jump on the comeback bandwagon and reform (again).

Will 98 Degrees inspire the likes of A1 to return? (WENN)

5. Nick Lachey once said during their hey-day that the band goes through phases of experimenting with different genres – could they record an entire album influenced by rap? Or reggae? Or Gospel? Imagine the travesty!