CBB's Spencer Pratt And Heidi Montag's Worst TV Moments

Yes there has been more than one...

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US reality TV stars Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag haven't come across too well during their appearance on Celebrity Big Brother, but it's not the first time the couple have been frowned upon by the world....

1.  How many plastic surgery procedures can one person have!

Heidi looked towards giving herself a makeover and whilst a new dress or a new hair cut would have been enough to feel rejuvenated, Heidi decided to go under the knife and come back a different person after having 10 procedures, including a nose job and liposuction in November 2009.

Heidi under went a mamoth transformation! (Splash News)

2. Divorce dramas and a $5 million sex tape?

Whilst Speidi might be PDA-ing all over the CBB house (despite saying that they wouldn't get intimate in the house before they went in), it wasn't always like that with the couple as the US reality couple were close to calling it quits when they started divorce proceedings in 2010.

And to add insult to injury as the proceedings started, Spencer thought it would be a fantastic idea to sell a sex tape he allegedly made with Heidi for a cool $5 million.

Speidi were happy, then they weren't and now they are..confused yet? (Splash News)

However, the couple appeared to work through their problems and united once more.

3. CBB Catastrophe! Rylan's fake, Claire cries and according to housemates, Speidi Lie!

With the media euphoria surrounding the couple just about over, the couple decided to appear on Celebrity Big Brother and who would have thought that the couple would cause so much havoc in less than three weeks?

Since taking on the task of pretending to walk out but spying on their fellow housemates in the basements instead and hearing what they said about them, Speidi have found themselves involved in many of the housemates' disagreements.

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