3 Things That Went Unnoticed In Kelly Clarkson's Inauguration Performance Because Of Beyonce

Have you paid ANY attention to Ms. Clarkson's efforts this week?

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In case you had forgotten, Beyonce wasn't the only one entertaining Barack Obama – live or not – at his Inauguration ceremony on Monday as Kelly Clarkson also belted out a National Anthem.

The former American Idol winner took to the stage just moments before President Obama was sworn in for a second time and there's no question that she delievered, belting out the difficult notes without breaking a sweat.

Kelly Clarkson Vs. Beyonce - who stole the show for you? (WENN)

Unfortunately for Kelly Clarkson, her efforts have fallen by the wayside with the public focusing on Beyonce after it emerged that the singer didn't sing live and in fact used a pre-recorded track as she lip-synced her way through The Star-Spangled Banner.

Here at EntertainmentWise, we feel slightly bad that Kelly has slipped under the radar, so we've given her rendition of 'My Country, Tis of Thee' a little attention by highlighting three things we noticed during her performance.

1. Her Voice – Yes, as simple as it sounds, Kelly's powerhouse vocals were spine-tingling and quite frankly, outshines Beyonce's reserved version of 'The Star-Spangled Banner'. Even Obama gave a nod of approval as she hit the high notes.

2. Star-Struck By Obama – Kelly acted the way most would if they not only came face to face with the POTUS, but had just performed for him at his Inauguration in front of the world. Some said Kelly was unprofessional for squealing and jumping around when she was greeted by the Pres, but we found it endearing and actually, hilarious.

This is the moment Kelly acted like an excited child (YouTube)

3. Where's the glitz and glam? - Unlike Beyonce, who sacrificed the cold to show off her stunning figure-hugging lace gown, Kelly chose the safe and practical option of wearing a coat teamed with a very cosy scarf. Do you think Kelly should have made more of an effort with her appearance?

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