The Worst Movie Ever? Stars Shun 'Movie 43' And Critics Fume Over Gross-Out Comedy

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Seen those posters on the tube for 'Movie 43', seen its all-star cast? Wondered why aside from those posters that proclaim it hilarious and show us the incredible cast, you haven't heard hide nor hair of it?

Well wonder no more, because the film has been released, and immediately nearly everyone who's seen it is kicking up a stink.

The film consists of various short movies, acted out by its A-List stars, with a tendency towards gross-out humour as is to be expected with Peter Farrelly involved in direction.

The amazing cast includes Hugh Jackman, Gerard Butler, Richard Gere, Jason Sudeikis, Liev Schreiber, Seth McFarlane, Kate Winslet, Kate Bosworth, Halle Berry, Naomi Watts, Emma Stone, Uma Thurman and Anna Faris, but the movie hasn't been press screened, nor promoted and its apparently with very good reason.

 Lou Lummenik for The New York Post wrote: "Well, if you mashed-up the worst parts of the infamous 'Howard the Duck,' 'Gigli,’ 'Ishtar’' and every other awful movie I’ve seen since I started reviewing professionally in 1981, it wouldn’t begin to approach the sheer soul-sucking badness of the cringe-inducing 'Movie 43,' which has been dumped on an unsuspecting public without advance press screenings."

You know you're in trouble when Carlton Banks (aka Alfonso Ribeiro) is one of the premiere's most recognisable stars (Photo: WENN)

Usually when there's a deathly silence around the promotion of a movie (the only thing that this critic and reporter and critic has seen of it are those posters on his tube ride home) it generally means the film is an utter disaster, and that appears to be the case with 'Movie 43', which has been savaged by movie scribes now they've finally got their hands on it.

The Hollywood Reporter opined: "Despite the dizzying array of talent involved both in front of and behind the camera, this god-awful exercise is so painfully unfunny, so screamingly bad that it immediately qualifies as one of the worst films of all time."

Evidence of this seems to include the movie's journey to the screen itself, with bosses pulling the plug on it, before producer John Penotti financed it himself, telling Fox that it was sidelined due to it being "too outrageous". One thinks he may be searching for another word their.

In fact its stars themselves gave their verdict, as despite that incredible cast, the biggest stars to turn up to its LA premiere on Tuesday were 'American Pie' stalwart Sean-William Scott and 'Kick-Ass's' Chloe Moretz.

The worst movie of all time? We'll find out over the weekend so you don't have to.

WATCH: The trailer for 'Movie 43'

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