Rylan Clark To Support Steps On Tour? Ian 'H' Watkins Tweets Celebrity Big Brother Winner

Claire Richards' BFF wants Rylan to join Steps on tour

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Rylan Clark and Claire Richards became BFFs during this year's Celebrity Big Brother, so it comes as no surprise that reports of the pair doing a duet and Rylan even supporting Claire's band Steps on tour have emerged.

Steps star Ian 'H' Watkins took to Twitter on Friday (Jan 25) to tweet his love for Rylan and even said that he wanted the former X Factor star to support the cheesy band on tour.

He posted: "@RylanClark to support @OfficialSteps on our next tour !!!!!!!," which Rylan then re-tweeted.

Claire also told EntertainmentWise yesterday that she'd love to do a duet with the Essex star.

The singer, 35, who finished in fourth place during the live final on Friday night said the pair discussed working together while living together for the programme this month.

Claire told us: “We talked about it in the house... Regardless of what anybody said about him on X Factor, he can sing and he is a good singer.

"I hope he gets the chance to prove to everybody what he really can do because I think people will be surprised, actually.

"Whether that includes me or not, I’d be honoured.”

Rylan & Claire became BFFs on CBB (Photo: WENN/Channel 5)

And while Claire has found a great friend in Rylan after living together for three weeks for the Channel 5 show, she joked he may get a little too close for comfort now the series is over.

She said: “I think [I’ve found a friend for life], or a stalker! Not quite sure yet. He said he was going to stalk me when we got out of [the house].

"When I go home I’ll see him sitting in my front garden with a fishing rod, dressed as a gnome.”

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