Paul McCartney Admits He 'Can't Bear To Have His Farm Animals Slaughtered'

The former Beatle has spoken out about his farming worries

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Paul McCartney has spoken out about his farming ways and has said that his Scottish farm is full of aging livestock because he 'can't bear to send the animals to be slaughtered.'

The former Beatle has said that he doesn't mind using the sheep for wool, but can't bear to have them killed.

Speaking on Radio 4’s Food Programme today (January 27) McCartney said: "I live on a sheep farm and we shear the sheep, but they die of old age."

“But it can be embarrassing. People say, ‘Look at the state of your sheep!’ and I say, ‘Yes, they’re very old. There’s only one alternative – to send them off to the knacker’s yard’."

“They die just like we do,” the superstar added.

“It’s life, it’s death, it’s what happens. We just give them a good life and I take the wool from them."

Paul has spoken out about his farming worries (Photo: WENN)

“McCartney also spoke about his vegetarian lifestyle and his desire for more people to become less dependent on meat with things like ‘meat-free Mondays’."

He continued, “Basically what we’re saying with the meat-free Monday campaign is that out of your seven days, you might think of one day being meat-free. We’re not really pushing it too heavily. We’re not saying you should go veggie, it’s good for you."

“We’re saying ‘just try one day’, and a lot of people say that’s very do-able, a very accessible idea, and they enjoy it.”

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