Celebs Laid Bare: Body Language Expert Judi James Talks Taylor Swift And Harry Styles 'They Never Looked Smitten'

Was their love for real?

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When it comes to celeb romances it's very hard to keep up with break-ups and make-ups let alone work out whether a relationship was ever even real in the first place! EntertainmentWise enlisted the expert skills of body language guru Judi James to help dissect one of the biggest celeb couples of 2012- the short-lived Taylor Swift and Harry Styles.

Judi explained to us that sometimes not everything is as it seems in the glossy red carpet snaps and celeb PDAs. Sometimes a romance is more of a faux-mance: 

"When you see two celebritiess that go absolutely perfectly together it's often the fact that that the relationship has been forged on the desk of a PR somewhere. They've got someone on their books and they're thinking 'who would be right for them to go out with?" Judi explains.

Judi reckons that the practice is so common place in showbiz land that sometimes a faux-mance can go "hardcore, I suspect there are certain faux-mances where they have got married and bred."

According the Judi a faux-mance is often conjured up after a celeb (or both involved) have had some negative publicity.

Judi James gives her verdict on the ill-fated Haylor (Splash News)

Now, we're not suggesting that Harry and Taylor were one of these faux-mances but Judi does reckon the perfect pop pair sometimes did look too good to be true- from an outsider's point of view anyway:

"Whether it's genuine or not it was very nice to look at", Judi says. "They never really looked particularly smitten but at his age he looked like Kevin the Teenager most of the time!"

Perhaps 18-year-old Harry just doesn't go in for PDAs? And we all know Taylor deals with her emotions in her songs. As Judi says the only moment in their short relationship where we were given a hint of affection was that grainy photo of their NYE snog in New York, and the expert's conclusion? "There was some sort of affection there but then he did got back to Kevin the Teenager again pretty quickly!"

Watch our full chat with Judi on Haylor above....do you think Harry and Taylor will ever get back together?


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