'You Spent How Much?' Rochelle Humes Faces Husband Marvin After Blowing $23,000 On Furniture

Rochelle ended up agreeing to return the items, after band mate Una Healy told her off!

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It seems that no matter how famous you are, no wife can get away with blowing a whopping $23,000 without facing the wrath of their husband and it seems like this is exactly the case with Rochelle Humes and hubby Marvin, who wasn't exactly over the moon when his wife told him just how much she'd spent on furniture for their new home.

The showbiz couple have started married life on different sides of the pond, with Rochelle filming Chasing The Saturdays with her The Sats band mates. So, it leaves them with no choice but to have regular catch ups via Skype - which isn't exactly the perfect option when it comes to revealing just how much money you've put on the credit card!

In the most recent episode of Chasing The Saturdays, Roch can be seen trying to tell Marvin that she'd managed to spend the huge amount on furniture, after the pair bagged their dream home in the UK. Unable to contain her excitement over the whole thing, pregnant Rochelle decided to head out shopping and headed straight for the house items section with her band mate Una Healy, the Mail Online reports.

Rochelle promotes the The Saturdays' new TV series alongside her band mates (Photo: WENN)

The girls visited the infamous Melrose Avenue, which is internationally renowned for being THE place to shop. Sensible new mum Una however warned her band-mate to wait until she returned to the UK before buying stuff for her home because not only were the prices very high but she also hadn’t taken into account shipping costs.

However, desperate to get her hands on items for her new home, Rochelle went back the next day on her own. The brunette picked out a $5,500 bed, as well as a couch, four leather chairs, a chest of drawers and several lamps.

When she got to the checkout Rochelle was slightly stunned to see it came to $23,000 without the shipping costs, but still went ahead with the extravagant purchase.

When she got back to the house and told Una, the red-haired star was furious and insisted that she Skype her husband Marvin straight away to let him know.

The sheepish singer decided not to reveal exactly how much she spent but agreed to cancel the order so they could purchase things for their home together when she returned from the States.

We'd think so too, Rochelle!

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