Tina Fey Hopes Taylor Swift Will Pen Revenge Song About Golden Globes Jibe

Fey poked fun at the singer while hosting last year's Golden Globes

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Tina Fey isn't scared that Taylor Swift might use her Golden Globes jibe as inspiration for a revenge song - in fact, she's hoping she does!

The witty '30 Rock' star hosted the Golden Globes last year, where she and co-host Amy Poehler poked fun at just about everyone in the room, including Taylor Swift.

Speaking at this week's Screen Actor's Guild Awards, the comedienne joked that she's not worried the country singing sensation will pen a revenge song in her honour.

Rumour has it Taylor's most successful tunes have been based on the heartache of broken relationships with celebs such as John Mayer and Jake Gyllenhaal - no one is safe when she's got a pen in her hand!

Tina playfully warned the young singer to keep Michael J. Fox's son out of her chaotic lovelife - and she didn't look amused. Speaking at the SAG Awards this year, Tina defended the brazen jokes she made while hosting:

“I just feel like it was just a little joke, like two of your aunts, two of your old lady aunts teasing you at the Thanksgiving table, that’s all it was,” she said of her joke directed toward the singer.

But could Taylor end up having the last laugh?

“Taylor Swift, might she write a song about you?” a reporter asked.

She quipped: “I hope so!”

Hosting awards ceremonies is notoriously stressful - how did Tina cope?

"I think just stepping out there [on the Globes stage] to do that opening monologue with Amy and we were just standing there, looking at each other going, ‘Why, why are we doing this? Why are we… oh well, here we go!’ And we just had fun. It ended up being a fun thing.”

We're sure Taylor would have fun writing that little ditty, too...

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