Downton The Movie? Julian Fellowes Reveals His Plans For A Move To The Big Screen

Downton Abbey creator reckons there could be a film in the future

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It's sweeping the awards season so no wonder Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes wants to extend the success of his hit series, even revealing that he would consider making a film!

The ITV drama took the top prize at last night's Screen Actors Guild Awards in the US, beating top shows like Homeland and Mad Men to win the Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama series prize.

Now, it sounds like the show's creator is keen to build on it's worldwide success with Julian telling Digital Spy he hasn't ruled out a move to the big screen.

Speaking on the red carper of last week's National Television Awards in the UK, Julian revealed:

"For me it would be difficult to tell the story in more than one medium and I would rather keep the movie until the end of the story, rather like Sex and the City, but not simultaneously because then I think the narrative would get rather messed up, so I think that's probably what we'd do."

OK so not a resounding yes but that's not a big fat no either!

Meanwhile Julian has been inundated with questions about Dan Steven's untimely exit from the show at the end of the third series

Speaking to EntertainmentWise on the red carpet at the National Television Awards, the talented writer, said of Dan's decision to leave: "He's (Dan) a young actor and he's got his way to make in the world and I think as an actor, you sometimes get a feeling where you think: 'I've done this for long enough, it's time for me to move on'."

"And you have to do that when you're young. He's already married and he's got two children so it's already difficult for him to make those changes and so I don't blame him at all. He wants to try something different so there's no hard feelings. I love him."

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