'She's The Most Difficult Celebrity': Beyonce's Super Bowl Demands Revealed

And most of it focuses on daughter Blue Ivy

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Beyonce is certainly living up to her reputation as one of the world's biggest divas with her dressing room demands for her upcoming Super Bowl performance causing “difficulties” for organisers of the event.

The 'Single Ladies' star is gearing up for her highly-anticipated performance at the Super Bowl half-time show on Sunday where she will be singing her old classics as well as reportedly premiering her new single.

Beyonce has been classed as one of 'the most difficult celebs' to work with (MAI / Splash News)

With the pressure mounting for Beyonce following her Inauguration lip-syncing scandal last week, it's hardly surprising that the singer wants to be as comfortable as possible backstage.

According to the Daily Star, Beyonce's backstage rider not only caters for the star herself but also for her one-year-old daughter Blue Ivy and her husband Jay-Z. The newspaper claims that Beyonce has asked for Blue Ivy's £14,000 cedar cot to be shipped from their home in New York to the New Orlean's Superdome where the game will take place.

'Watch The Throne' star Jay-Z is apparently enjoying having a night off to support his wife and is planning on letting loose with £4,000 worth of cigars and alcohol.

Meanwhile, Beyonce, 31, has requested that Blue Ivy's nursery be decorated with rose-scented candles and kept at exactly 26C. Of course, all this fuss has caused a lot of stress for runners who have to cater to the diva's demands and they are far from impressed.

“She's by far one of the most difficult celebrities we've ever dealt with,” a source told the newspaper. “The list is as long as my arm. She may be a superstar, but this day is about football not her.”

Beyonce's diva demands are hardly surprising!

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