Is Kanye West Too 'Squeamish' To Watch Kim Kardashian Give Birth?

Insiders claim he can't handle blood

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Is Kanye West Too 'Squeamish' To Watch Kim Kardashian Give Birth?
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He likes to act like the tough guy, but is Kanye West secretly a bit of a wimp when it comes to blood? According to a new report he is as the rapper is said to be “scared” of being present when Kim Kardashian has his baby in July, as he's reportedly squeamish.

Closer magazine claim they've got the insider knowledge when it comes to Kanye's biggest phobia, with a reported insider telling them that the 'Church In The Wild' star isn't sure he's going to be there for the birth.

''Emotionally, Kanye wants to be there for Kim throughout the labour, but he's just not sure he's up to it,” the 'close friend' told the British mag.

''He's embarrassed about it, but Kanye has always fainted at the sight of blood. And he feels very squeamish at the thought of watching the birth. The truth is, Kanye is scared he'll just add to Kim's anxiety during labour."

Adding: ''He suggested he could stick to pacing outside the delivery room - but Kim has jokingly branded him a 'wimp'. ''

We find this pretty hard to swallow as Kanye isn't exactly a stranger to the hospital. In 2002 he was had a brush with death in a near fatal car accident while driving to a recording studio in Los Angeles.

The star spent weeks in hospital with his ordeal providing the inspiration for single, 'Through The Wire'. We can't imagine Kanye having a wobbly in the delivery room after going through such a hard time himself.

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