Awkward! Selena Gomez Joins Same Bible Study Group As Her Ex Justin Bieber?

Reports suggest Selena and BFF Vaness Hudgens have joined Beverly Hills prayer group

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Things could turn awkward for Selena Gomez has the star has reportedly joined the same Bible study group frequented by her ex Justin Bieber.

It looked like Selena was dealing with her recent break-up well, partying with her girlfriends and generally looking fabulous wherever she goes. According to new reports though. the actress hasn't been able to stay away from Biebs for too long.

Whether intentionally or not, Selena and her best mate Vanessa Hudgens have reportedly joined the very same Bible study group occasionally attended by Justin and his mum.

The Bible group in Beverly Hills is popular amongst celebrities and is reportedly frequented by a number of high profile names. Run by E! News correspondent Jason Kennedy, according to Us Weekly, Selena has now joined.

According to the report Justin and his mum Pattie have also attended the prayer group in the past but Selena shouldn't worry too much as Justin is apparently an infrequent attendee, she should watch out for his mum though!

“Justin’s come in before, and his mom, Pattie, is a regular,” a source tells Us Weekly.

Maybe Selena needs to find herself a new group, after all no one wants to have an encounter with the ex mother-in-law...

Meanwhile new reports claim that Selena is done with Justin for good, despite getting back together with her ex after past splits.

The pair reportedly broke up after a blow out fight in Mexico on a New Year trip after two years together. It's not known what caused the split, but after months of rumours about Bieb's wandering eye it seems the Wizards of Waverley Place star is over the teenager for good.

“She’s rid her life of him,” a source told InTouch Weekly. “He was trying to make it work, but he tortures her, and so she pulled the plug for good.”

The mag claims all her partying was also a way for Bieber to get the message that she wasn't interested in getting back together. She's been spotted hanging out with several guys, including 'The Hunger Games' hunk Josh Hutcherson, since the rumoured split.

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