Robert Pattinson Has A Run-In With Australian Police

The actor was let off and given a caution only

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Squeaky clean Robert Pattinson had a brush with the law - albeit a minor one - while he was out riding his bike in Australia.

The 'Twilight' hottie was apparently given a ticking off for cycling on a public road in Adelaide without his helmet.

According to local Aussie radio station SAFM's Twitter account, the Britsish hunk was issued with a caution, as a message on the social networking site, read: "Twilight’s Robert Pattinson has been cautioned by SA Police for not wearing a helmet while riding a bike in #Adelaide #Newsfeed."

Robert Pattinson was left off with a caution (FayesVision/WENN)

Meanwhile, police confirmed the star was let off with a warning, telling HollywoodLife: "Yes that it the case [that he was cautioned]."

Adding: "He will not be fined, it is just a simple caution. We had a chat with him and told him that it is a requirement to wear a helmet while cycling a pushbike. It’s no biggie."

The Hollywood star was apparently alerted to police for his misdemeanor by a fan, who took a snap of the 26-year-old on his travels.

"Someone took a picture of him when he was out cycling so that is how we knew,” the officer says. “If he does it again, he will be fined," the representative with the SA Police added.

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