Lindsay Lohan Unveils Dangerous Looking 'Hazard' Tattoo At LA Court Appearance

But what does it mean?

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As she rocked her smart black dress to her LA court appearance, aka her 'don't put me behind bars' frock, Lindsay Lohan channelled her inner jail bird with a nifty new tattoo.

Despite going a little overboard with her tangoed spray tan, LiLo cut a relatively sophisticated image in her little black number and Christian Louboutin shoes.

Lindsay Lohan unveiled a new double triangle tattoo at her LA court appearance - Splash

But when we leaned in a little closer, we caught a glimpse of something we didn't recognise before – a tattoo that looked like it had been done by a drunken pal after a Vegas night out.

The 26-year-old troubled star sported what looked like a home made tatt on her inner right arm, consisting of a red double line triangle with black type underneath – but we couldn't quite make out what it read.

Can you make out what is says? LiLo revealed her new tatt in LA yesterday - Splash

There hasn't been an explanation about LiLo's new body art, or any clarification to what it actually says – but seeing as the double triangle looks like a hazard symbol, we're guessing she's trying to warn people off her.

What do you think LiLo's new artwork says?

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