Lady Gaga Gets Chummy With The Rolling Stones Star Mick Jagger Backstage

The pair met last month at a concert in New Jersey

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Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood has reminisced about his meeting with Lady Gaga back in December with a Twitter snap of the pair hanging out together at a concert in New Jersey.

Wood and the rest of his Rolling Stones bandmates performed a series of shows in December to mark their 50th anniversary, travelling the UK and US as part of their '50 and Counting' tour.

Lady Gaga looks quite boobilicious here posing with Mick Jagger (Ronnie Wood/Twitter)

The Stones invited several female musicians to duet with them on the jaunt, including Mary J. Blige and Florence Welch, while Lady Gaga was also chosen for one of their shows in New Jersey.

It looks like Gaga got pretty chummy with the legendary rockers with Ronnie sharing a snap of himself posing with the 'Born This Way' singer on his new Twitter account.

“Just found this photo of me with @ladygaga ~ sending love! #backstage #greatnight #newjersey,” Ronnie tweeted with the photo.

Just days before her performance with the rockers, Gaga explained how she was approached to duet with the band and it involved a rather interesting conversation with frontman Mick Jagger in a bathtub.

“Gaga didn’t want to miss Mick’s call so she took it in the bath,” a source told The Sun.

“They spoke at length about what’s going to happen. She also asked Mick if she could wear any of his old stage gear for their performance.”

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