One Direction For Downton Abbey? Actor Allen Leech Wants Niall Horan To Play His Son!

Leech keen for Niall to play Tom Branson's onscreen offspring

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Could it be true? Two of our favourite things combining forces for a boyband meets aristocracy mash-up? Well, according to one of the stars of Downton Abbey, One Direction would be most welcome to make a cameo!

Allen Leech who plays Irish chauffeur turned upper class widower Tom Branson, has been revealing his hopes for the new series to Hollywood Crush. Speaking after the show's win at the SAG awards this week, Leech joked that his character, saddened by the death of his wife Lady Sybil, could be cheered up by a new face. When the website suggested fellow Irish star Niall could play his brother, Allen quipped:

“You mean, my son? My son Niall Horan. Absolutely, and then we actually do a musical episode and we get the whole of One Direction in."

"I pitched it to Julian, weirdly enough he hasn’t gotten back to my email," he continued. "No, but Niall actually is my son, and I gave him away. I had a choice: I gave him to a circus or a boy band, and I gave him to a boy band. I think he’s doing very well. He sends the odd letter. From the minute he was born, he had great moves and great hair. 'This child has potential, now go forward and sing and multiply.'"

Allen does actually bare a striking resemblance to the boybander so we can see this casting call working!

Separated at birth? Niall Horan and Downton's Allen Leech (WENN)

Leech went on to speak about his on-screen characters development in the last series in which he moved from downstairs to upstairs only to see his wife die during childbirth:

“If you think about it, right now, Branson is a widower, he’s a father and he’s homeless, like he has no home. The only person who ever understood him was Sybil and now he has no one.

"I think he struggles to find his place in the world now. So he has to come to terms that his life has completely changed from what he was expecting to be and do and he has to struggle in the family as well."

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