Beyonce Teases World Tour Announcement After Super Bowl Performance

The diva hinted at tour plans during a press conference yesterday

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The world could be seeing a lot more of Beyonce in the next year, after the diva revealed that she has a special announcement to make shortly after her Super Bowl performance on Sunday with speculation rife that it could be a new tour.

The 'Single Ladies' singer held a press conference in New Orleans on Thursday where she answered a variety of questions from reporters surrounding her controversial Inauguration performance, upcoming Life Is But A Dream documentary and the prospect of going on tour in the near future.

Beyonce will be making a special announcement after her Super Bowl performance on Sunday! (Jerome Davis/LE/Splash New)

One reporter asked the singer if rumours that she will be performing at the upcoming Grammy Awards were true, Beyonce replied: “Who said I was performing at the Grammys? I don't know if I'm performing at the Grammys.”

Another reporter then asked if the bootylicious diva would be heading on tour this year with her fifth album, which is yet to be released.

“I may have an announcement after the [Super Bowl] performance — fans should just stay tuned to see,” Beyonce teased.

The press conference was certainly eventful, with the songstress strutting out on stage before belting out the National Anthem, finally putting a rest to the scrutiny she received for not singing 'The Star-Spangled Banner' live at Barack Obama's Inauguration on Monday.

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