Ed Sheeran Banned From Taking A Guest To Grammy Awards

The singer was obviously upset about not having a plus one

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Everyone knows that a singer has to take a date to the Grammys.

Jay-Z and Beyonce will go together, Katy Perry usually takes her 91 year-old grandma Ann Hudson to music's biggest bash, and Frank Ocean will probably bring along rap collective Odd Future.

However, it seems the only person not to have a date at next Sunday's ceremony will be Ed Sheeran.

The Brit singer is nominated and set to perform with Sir Elton John, but is only allowed one ticket- for himself.

The 'A Team' singer spoke to The Daily Star about how frustrated he is at not being able to bring his family.

"I’m going to be at the Grammys but I only got one ticket. I wanted to take my whole family."

The red-headed hitmaker added: “I’m just one person, so I’m going to be there on my own.”

We're sure Ed won't feel to lonely as BFF Taylor Swift should also be at the ceremony, and we're sure she'll keep him company.

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